An ever-ubituous import library question ???


So here's my dillemma:
My desktop computer is slooooooooo. My laptop is fast.
My large (over 100 gig) library is on my desktop computer -- well, really it's on an external hard drive, but the itunes I use is on the desktop.
If I import the library from the harddrive into my laptop computer, will I see EVERYTHING as if it's from the desktop (playlists, play count, ratings, etc)?? Thanks so much


Directly messing with the XML and ITL files is always a nightmare, isn't it?
Here's my solution:
First, download this:
Open iTunes on the library you want to save the information for. Then double click the SaveRatings.HTA to run it. Click the "Save Ratings" button.
What this does: It will read the iTunes Library, and save the ratings, playcount, and last played time for all the tracks that actually have that info. This information will be saved into a file called "ratings.xml".
Now, copy your music over to another computer and import it all into another iTunes library. Yeah, the playcount and such are gone. Bummer. So now you copy over the SaveRatings.hta and the ratings.xml file you made. Run the HTA again. This time, click "Restore Ratings". It'll put all the information back into iTunes.
Why this? Because it's not limited by such things as "location". It's matching on three things: Album, Artist, Song Title. If those match, it considers it a match, and sets the information accordingly.
If you use a little bit of thought, this will let you combine a couple of sets of music and restore the relevant info in iTunes, without worrying about drive letters or copying weird ITL files or any of that wacky stuff.
A few caveats:
-This script is slow. It takes a long time to run through your iTunes library, and there's no progress indicator. Be patient, when it's done, the script screen will change.
-This script isn't perfect. A few tracks will not be found in the Restore process. There's always a few... So when it can't find a track, it'll spit that fact out onto the screen after the Restore finishes. Than you can find that track yourself and set your own rating and such.

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An ever-ubituous import library question ???

So here's my dillemma: My desktop computer is slooooooooo. My laptop is fast. My large (over 100 gig) library is on my desktop computer -- well, really it's on an external hard drive, but the itunes I use is on the desktop. If I import the library fr

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