ALE / IDOC Outbound Error Handling


Hi Experts,
I got an error in Outbound Process.
An IDOC gets the status 36 - Timed out.
Can anyone tell me how can i resolve this Error?.
Thanks in advance,


Hi ,
        Best option is to keep a sql trace on the outbound idoc which will tell you at which perform or functional module ,the performance is taking time to fetch .
all check with basis in terms of timed out ,they would have set a paramater for time out in terms of mins or hrs.

November 30, -0001

ALE / IDOC Outbound Error Handling

Hi Experts, I got an error in Outbound Process. An IDOC gets the status 36 - Timed out. Can anyone tell me how can i resolve this Error?. Thanks in advance, SudhakarHi ,         Best option is to keep a sql trace on the outbound idoc which will tell

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