Add new report with a checkbox form


I’m trying to create a list with check boxes to add “contacts to a event”.
I have my table contacts and events, when I create a event I should invite my contacts. I want to create a list with all my contacts with a checkbox option and populate a new table with all the assistance.
I’m searching but I can’t find info.
I hope you have some time thank you


You can create a checkbox in your list with APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX. There are quite a few examples to be found when you google, e.g.
One time I just created a default tabular form with DELETE functionality, so the checkboxes were already in place. I just created another process instead of the normal MRU process. Went pretty well actually.

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Add new report with a checkbox form

I'm trying to create a list with check boxes to add "contacts to a event". I have my table contacts and events, when I create a event I should invite my contacts. I want to create a list with all my contacts with a checkbox option and populate a

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