ACS 5.3 Stripping Radius User Prefix


I have configure my ACS 5.3 to strip the prefix of the radius username (Domain\weekwang) it received and I also configured my ACS as the External Radius Server. However, this does not seem to work. The authentication protocol that I am using is PEAP Mschap v2.
I have read inside this forum that due to the fact that the radius username and password is transited inside the TLS tunnel of the PEAP MsChap v2 thus ACS is not able to do the stripping as it is not allow to touch anything inside the TLS tunnel. Please advice if I have get the concept correctly.


Hi Steven,
this is unfortunately correct. Using yourself as radius proxy is a great workaround to strip things.
However, by design if you use an external database (LDAP or proxy radius server), the mschapv2 encryption of the password makes it impossible to authenticate the user since the tunnel is ended on the first ACS. It will work with PEAP-GTC but all mschapv2 methods will fail.

October 11, 2015

ACS 5.3 Stripping Radius User Prefix

Hi, I have configure my ACS 5.3 to strip the prefix of the radius username (Domain\weekwang) it received and I also configured my ACS as the External Radius Server. However, this does not seem to work. The authentication protocol that I am using is P

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