Accessing movie clip from flash swf file


I have the situation where in flash i created a simple
animated movie clip with few stop() commands on timeline. Movie
clip consists of simple animatio played on roll over and on roll
out which is controlled using actionscript. I loaded movie clip
into flash using [embed] tag but actionscript code is stripped,
there is no stop() action so movie clip loops continously. I guess
that's normal behaviour for embedded flash swf files but i would
like to know is there a way to still achieve that? Can i load swf
some other way with its actionscript and then control movie clip
from flex?


You need the FLA's to open in Flash.
You could download the free trial of a flash decompiler
( The free trial won't give you actionscript, but
it will give you all of the art in the swf.

November 30, -0001

Accessing movie clip from flash swf file

I have the situation where in flash i created a simple animated movie clip with few stop() commands on timeline. Movie clip consists of simple animatio played on roll over and on roll out which is controlled using actionscript. I loaded movie clip in

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