720p23.976 DVCPro HD to an SD DVD


720p23.976 DVCPro HD movie to an SD DVD?
I need to deliver a SD DVD in NTSC and PAL.
Any suggestions?


The results usually work well, but you may need to run some tests.
Also do not use Pan & Scan, only use Letterbox (and not Pan & Scan/Letterbox) unless you have set the footage properly for Pan & Scan, Pan & Scan should not be used.
Also this thread and the link to an older thread may be of interest

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720p23.976 DVCPro HD to an SD DVD

720p23.976 DVCPro HD movie to an SD DVD? I need to deliver a SD DVD in NTSC and PAL. Any suggestions?The results usually work well, but you may need to run some tests. Also do not use Pan & Scan, only use Letterbox (and not Pan & Scan/Letterbox) u

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I've been conducting some tests and narrowed down the slow transcode times I'm having specifically to DVCPRO HD or Apple Pro Res 422 HQ clips when transcoding to 90-150 MPEG-2 DVD Presets. These formats take forever to render on a Mac Pro 8 core when


Hi Everyone Having finally solved the problem of converting AVCHD MTS files onto my non-intel Mac, then getting the quality right on my FCP6. I am now having trouble transfering my edited sequence into DVD Studio 4. The DVC PRO HD (1080i60 1280x720)

Slow rendering from DVCPro-HD to MPEG2-DVD?

I have a home built PC with a quadcore 9450 chip, 8GB ram, Vista-64 Business, Mercury rendering (GTX460) - so it's not a particularly slow machine. My current project is 2 hours, 45 minutes long, shot on DVC-Pro HD 720-30P.  It is one continuous take

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Should I de-interlace my DVCPRO HD 1080i timeline before I export to progressive DVD? Should this eliminate the "noise" artifacts in some images? Does this kill my resolution? Thanks, Mark> Should I de-interlace my DVCPRO HD 1080i timeline be

Export from HD project to DVCPro 50?

I had no trouble exporting from my Final Cut Pro 5 HD (1080i60) project to an HD deck this morning but now that I'm trying to go to DVCPro 50 I'm getting a messages about settings not matching. I've tried redoing seq. settings to DVCPro and then it l

Create a DVD playable on PAL & NTSC.

Hi I am using Encore CS3 and would like (NEED) to create a DVD that will play on both PAL and NTSC DVD players. I have read in forums the following theory... Master my content at 23.976 and then import it into Encore. After output it will be interlac

Exporting HDV 1080i to DVD

I tried exporting 1080i video using Quick Time Conversion and setting it to DVCPRO50 - NTSC to create a DVD. The DVD video looks very pixilated and jagged on a Standard Def screen. I tried using compressor and it looks the same. How can I export thes

DVD plays on 4:3 screen and a 16:9 screen

I have a QT file that is DVCPRO HD (720p60) DImensions: 1280X720. I'd like to burn a DVD that plays on a 4:3 TV (with black bars on bottom and top) and then it fills the screen (for 16:9). How do I do this? THanks!In DVD studio Pro, under inspector,

Burning my 24p footage into a 29.97 basic dvd

Hello, One of the film festivals I am submitting my film to wants a "non-Blu-Ray" dvd for my submittal. OK, so be it. My footage was shot in 1920 x 1080 in 24p.  When I open a new project in Encore, the only setting I apparently can use is for a

DVCPRO HD downconverting to SD & MP2

I've searched the forum and haven't found the exact answer to my problem. I have a music video in DVCPRO HD 50i. I want to make a DVD, a PAL SD version, and a smaller Quicktime version to play on computers. I've made the SD versions by putting the DV

Dvd authoring question

first of all, i make basic, simple check dvds for my clients using compressor & dvd studio pro but i don't do any real dvd authoring. i've been editing hi-def material (dvcpro hd/apple prores hq 720p) for about 4-5 yrs and have been delivering hard d

S16 24fps - DVCPro HD 25 fps -   24 fps editing and output?

I'm new on this forum so "hi everybody!" We're about to shoot a short feature on S16 film and I'm in charge of postproduction. Last feature we made was shot on [email protected] fps -> HDCam SR telecine -> Betacam SP -> 24fps edit on Avid Film Com

Having trouble with aspect ratio when compressing DVCPRO HD footage to QT

I have a 35mm film (1.85-1 aspect ratio) converted to 16/9 DVCPRO HD. When I compress it to Mpeg2 for DVD, it looks great, holds the correct aspect ratio. But when I choose a setting for the web, a small Quicktime file, it stretches the image ever so

Help! Down-converting 720p HD to DVD

Just finished a project using FCP 5 and Motion 2 in 720p60 HD. I did not use any HD video but built the whole project out of high resolution stills with pans and zooms with basic text moving over the top. Since this is going to be a promotional piece

Missing DVCPRO HD 720p60 Codec

Hey All, Was given footage to convert to DVD but cannot playback picture because my Quicktime Software lacks this codec (DVCPRO HD 720p60 Codec). Also, attempted to open with Final Cut Express but had the same issue. Any idea if and how I can get thi

1080/30P Footage: Version for DVD - Nest sequence in a NTSC Sequence or....

I am working on a project I shot at 1080/30P and I want to make some copies of video for DVD. Would you nest your sequence in a Uncompressed 8-bit NTSC sequence and then export and then open in Compressor and convert for DVD? Or just export the 1080/

QUICKTIME DVCPRO HD file will not import into iMovie 06HD

Hi...I've searched all over the web. Maybe one of you can help. Basically I got a clip from a movie I did from the editor. The movie was edited in Final Cut Pro. I don't know versions or anything specific about his system. I downloaded the DVCPRO HD

Uncompressed 23.976 progressive avi and Encore encoding looks like crap!

Since i'm getting an "internal software error" when I try to burn a DVD from an m2v/wav I export out of After Effects; i've now exported an uncompressed AVI so I can let Encore encode to hopefully fix this problem. So this 1.54gb AVI is 720x480,


I have a DVD disc containing VOB files. I want to import this DVD to Final Cut Pro X so to do some editing to the original content. By using the MPEG Streamclip I found that the DVD I have has the following specs: Stream: VTS_01_1.VOB Path: /Volumes/